The Birth of Innocence and the Restoration of The Law


  • The Presumption of Innocence, a Right secured in Law, was born with Jesus. For non-Christians; Christmas recognizes the Natural Right of all Humans. A Right often denied by those who want to oppress or otherwise enslave & steal from their fellow humans.
  • NO Human Right, NO ‘Liberty’, is secure without the Foundation Right of a Presumption of Innocence.
  • Constitutions, and other Laws, are reduced to suggestions offering no protection if governments and “peers” are free to disregard the presumption of innocence. The Protection of the Law lost. The Rights of the Individual no longer secure.
  • Individual Liberties, Civil Liberties, The Rule of Law, Liberty, Justice –  all are lost when even those who have been adjudicated and acquitted, ie; declared innocent, are presumed guilty.
  • Asking someone to prove their Actual Innocence, after they prove their Innocence beyond a reasonable doubt, is imposing inherent guilt on all humans. A presumption of guilt at the conception of their life that cannot be overcome.

The Birth of Innocence and the Restoration of The Law

We are about to celebrate the birth of a man known to Christians as The Christ. I have a perspective of Christianity that may be unique due to my experience. We celebrate the birth of a man who we know will be convicted by a jury of his peers. A man whose crime was deemed by them to be so severe it required the death penalty. And not just a quick death by beheading or hanging. No, they demanded the most painful death imaginable. A Crucifixion after a scourging.

This criminal is responsible for half of the Bible. I read his story while I was in prison. I read it from the first word of the Old Covenant to the last word of the New Covenant. I, like The Christ, was convicted by a jury of my peers. I, too, was convicted when the facts were known to all and proved I had committed no crime. And inflicted no harm on anyone. My ordeal inspired me to study the Law. I understand the law more than many who have obtained a license to practice Law. I understanding the Biblical foundation for the Law of our Land and the Law for all of Humanity.

Incredibly there many Attorneys who do not understand the very purpose for the creation of what we refer to as The Law. The purpose of Law is to protect the Individual but many people are confused about who the Law is to protect us from. The purpose for Law is to protect the Individual from government and from their peers. The story of Jesus, the Christ, reveals the need for this protection.

Christianity was not just a religious movement but a political one. Jesus was crucified, in part, because shortly before the Republic of Rome had ceased to exist. Following a military coup it had been replaced by the Roman Empire and the Emperor deemed God in the flesh and God on Earth. The Law had been abolished and replaced by an authoritarian dictatorship. Authoritarianism replaced the Republican form of Government that had secured Live & Liberty for the Citizens of the Republic.

For Law to provide the protective value for which it is created the Right of the Individual to the presumption of Innocence must be respected and honored. The Birth of Jesus was the Birth of Innocence. Prior to his birth the Old Covenant (meaning contract, promise, guarantee) between God and Humanity implied a presumption of guilt. All inherited the guilt of Adam and Eve. Christianity declares that all the sins of humanity were washed away by the blood of The Christ crucifixion. All humans would thereafter be presumed innocent. This presumption under the Law would protect the Individual from the lawless order of authoritarian Rule and from Rule by peers who have no understanding of the Law. The Rule of Law, also known as LIBERTY, would insure Justice for each and for all. Therefore the birth of Jesus was the birth of innocence.

Properly referred to as Old Covenant, the old ‘Testament’ was mis-represented or incorrectly interpreted by who held the position today known as Prosecutor. Absent the presumption of innocence an accusation by a Priest, those who today are in the position titled Prosecutor, was sufficient for a conviction. The New Covenant established a legal contract between God and Humanity that secured for all the Right of the Individual to a presumption of innocence.

Some, maybe many, Christians do not understand that other religions, including Judaism, as well as the non-religious who based their beliefs on the laws of logic, also recognize that The Law serves no purpose and offers no protective value if people, as individuals, are deprived of the Right to a presumption of innocence both before and after a conviction. When confronted with accusations of wrongdoing by others or by the actors and agents of governments this presumption is absolutely essential. Experience proves it is hard for people to honor this Right of other Individuals. Even after a person has been declared innocent in our Courts there are many who will presume guilt. Worse, they don’t want their presumption disturbed the the facts of the case or any judgment to the contrary.

We celebrate Christmas because the birth of The Christ was the birth of innocence and the birth of the movement to restore of the Law of the Republic of Rome. The restoration of LIBERTY. The bedrock of Civilization. Liberty is the Right of the Individual to have the Law protect them from those who, from both within and without government, would deprive a Human of their God-given Right to Life. Life, at the time of our Declaration of Independence, was a term inclusive of a person’s freedom with their time and security of their property. Without these a person may be breathing but they are not able to live.

Thus it is a self-evident TRUTH that LIBERTY (the protection of the law) and LIFE, are inherent, inalienable, Rights each individual is endowed with by their creator. And that creator is NOT government nor is it man made law. Law secures Rights of the Individual. Rights are then protected from government, and from peers the government may represent, by THE LAW.

Because both Jesus and I were convicted by a jury of our peers before, by all appearances, an impartial Judge, I am very passionate about “preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution and Laws of the United States and of this State”. I demand our Legislators, both elected and hired, honor their Oath and the duty of the Office they have been entrusted with, to do the same. Let me know if you were taught something different in Sunday School or in Law School.

International Law governing Human Rights is titled “The Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” has been ratified by a majority of our planet’s nations. Our United States government is a party to this covenant (contract, promise, guarantee). It recognizes and was enacted to secure the Right to a presumption of Innocence. It also recognizes and secures the Right to compensation if convicted of a crime and the conviction is subsequently reversed. Our Texas Constitution’s Bill of Rights also secures this Right as “The Right to Remedy” as inviolate, excepted from the powers of government, and states that all laws to the contrary are void.

But our Attorney General is opposed to the Laws of God and Man. He has told our Legislators that they must presume guilt even after a person has been declared innocent. Judges like to use their own words for things. A declaration of acquittal is synonymous (identical meaning) with a declaration of innocence. But our Attorney General says the acquitted should be deprived of their Right to a presumption of innocence. This asserts is justification for our Legislators to deprive the victim of crimes by the government of Texas of their Right to Remedy.

Just last year our US Supreme Court in the case of Nelson v. Colorado ordered the Attorney General of Colorado to recognize the Right of the acquitted to a presumption of innocence. But our Attorney General is above the Law. And he is considered by some Texas Legislators to be God in the flesh just as was the Emperor of Rome following the end of the Republic in 79 BC. An end that precipitated the demise of the civilization known as Rome. History repeats because the return of prior causes leads to the same results.

In Jesus name I AM; Ed Heimlich, December 21, 2018, wishing all a Merry Christmas