It defeats the purpose for the existence of Law

when government is above the law.

The protective value of Law is lost

when government no longer complies with the Law.

ABOUT The Right to Remedy for an Unlawful Imprisonment

    • Is NOT a Right that any, even Legislators, can legally choose to grant or deny.
    • Is NOT a Right that ANY have been delegated power to create or destroy.
    • It is NOT Right that ANY can lawfully or ethically limit into non-existence.

It is a RIGHT that springs from “THE LAWS OF NATURE AND NATURE’S GOD”, not from Humans. This recognition is evident by the establishment of security for this Right in Human Made Law. It is a God-given Right recognized and found in;

    • The Law of our Texas Constitution.
    • The Law of our United States Constitution,
    • In International Law as a Universal Human Right
    • As well as in Ancient Law considered the Root of our Law & Liberty, the Great Charter of Liberties, the Magna Carta, over 800 years ago.
    • And in other, even older, legal and religious texts. Including the New and Old Testaments of the Judeo & Christian Bible.

It is of no benefit to The People of Texas to have a government free to unlawfully imprison them. The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God demand you collect the Restitution and Remedy that is due people government was created to benefit. COLLECT FROM THE STATE WHAT IS DUE.

LEGISLATORS; It’s easy. You simply take a teeny tiny portion of what The State of Texas (government) wants you to give them from The Public Treasury deduct what is due to their victims.

If those in the Executive and Judicial Divisions of our government don’t like it then they can do like the rest of us. They can begin to COMPLY WITH THE LAW and do what they can to insure others in those divisions comply as well. They can also purchase insurance to cover their loss resulting from the errors, omissions, and acts in violation of our Rights and Laws that cause harm to The People of Texas.

We purchase require that we purchase insurance before we drive a car. They should be required to purchase insurance before they drive our government – in particular the dangerous criminal justice system.


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