AG Ken Paxton’s campaign

The following, in italics and bold, is copy and paste from our Attorney General, Ken Paxton’s, campaign website for re-election. I’ve heard him say the same in speeches. It is why I supported him. Until recent actions by his Office have revealed what he said to be a lie. I’m still hoping that he will correct what has been done in his name. Prove he means what he wrote here and has said in his speeches. 

I absolutely agree with this statement in particular: The Constitution must be interpreted in the manner in which our Founding Fathers intended and not based on the whims of individuals in power. As Attorney General, not only do I pledge to defend the Constitution which I am sworn to protect, but I also promise to have the courage to advance the principles it stands for. 

He then know that the interpretation I have and continue to object to was “based on the whims of individuals in power” at the time as Attorney General and Judge of the Third Court of Appeals. The interpretation applied to my case is an absurdity. In my letter of June 11, 2018, I have asked Ken Paxton to live up to his promise. Have the courage to do what the law requires. It requires the candor to tell the Texas Legislature the State of Texas has legal obligation to pay the Final Judgment. Have the courage to stop the obstruction of justice.  

According to the following he knows that my Right to Remedy for the injuries and damages I suffered at the hands of the government of Texas is a God-given Right. Any interpretation of our Constitutions for our United States and for our Texas that would deprive me of that Right is unquestionably the opposite of individual liberty. 

The United States of America is an exceptional country, the first in the world founded on an idea – that of individual liberty. We fought a revolution to win independence from England to form a republic in which the people directly elect their representatives. “We the People” established the Constitution of the United States to prohibit the government from seizing our liberties and our God-given rights.

In recent years, the U.S. Constitution has been under assault from liberals that seek to centralize power, expand government, and disregard the rights and privileges that the Constitution seeks to protect; this document empowers citizens and limits the government’s power and authority.

The disregard for the rights and privileges that our Texas Constitution seeks to protect has been under assault by the Office of the Attorney General of Texas and remains under assault. A much closer, more present, and greater danger to the rights and privileges of The People of Texas than anything done in Washington DC. 

Texas has been on the front lines of this battle as the “Texas Model” seeks to limit government, expand economic opportunity, protect the sanctity of life and honor traditional family values. The success of Texas is a direct threat to the liberals who seek to expand government for their purposes. The liberals in Washington have placed a bullseye on our state. We need to stand up for the U.S. Constitution and the individual liberties it protects.

We need to stand up for the TEXAS Constitution, and the individual liberties it protects as well! The Oath of Office that Ken Paxton took upon becoming Attorney General requires he preserve, protect, and defend the individual liberties enshrined in our Texas Constitution. Among those is the Right to Remedy for my injuries suffered at the hands of the State. A Right found in sec. 13 of Art. 1 of our Texas Bill of Rights as among those rights that are “excepted from the powers of government, forever to remain inviolate”. Thus none in the Executive Division, the Judicial Division, or the Legislative Division of government, nor all three conspiring together, have been delegated the power to deprive me of that Right. He has a duty to HONOR THAT RIGHT!