Meaning of Christmas

Inspired by extremely rude treatment by a member of the staff of Texas Senator Lois Kolkhorst. A woman I’ve met and admired. But maybe I did not know. The Quest reveals their true character for all to see. You can download this letter via this link  to CHRISTMAS 

December 18, 2018

Dear Senator Kolkhorst,


According to your staff; you do not know or care about,




One week from today we will celebrate the birth of a Man we know as The Christ. We have mass for Christ on Christ-mas. As a Christian you know this and you know his story. We celebrate the birth of a man who was convicted by a jury of his peers. A man who was given due process similar to what we have today. Yet he was convicted of a crime deemed so severe it required the death penalty. And not just a quick painless death by a beheading. The crime justified the most painful death imaginable. The man who knew him best denied him three times. I know that kind of heartbreak.

Dan Patrick wrote a book to tell people how important it is to read the Christian Bible. Presumably he has read it. I last saw you when you spoke at the Faith, Family & Freedom event dedicated to promoting and defending the beliefs drawn from the Christian Bible in our government. Presumably you, too, have read the Christian Bible.

I read it while in prison. I read it from the perspective of the man responsible for half of the Bible. The man responsible for the New Testament also referred to as the New Covenant. Covenant means contract. The contract referred to is the one between God and Humanity. I am a defender of that Contract just as I am a defender of the Contract between government for our Texas and The People of Texas. A contract known as a Constitution. This is know as The Rule of Law, as LIBERTY.

As a Christian you know that the foundation of the new contract between God and Humans is the presumption of innocence. Prior to Jesus the contract between God and Humans began with a presumption of guilt inherited by all from Adam and Eve. The injustice suffered by Jesus and, by extension God as his Father in Heaven, established a contract based on a presumption of innocence.

The well established facts of public record and the final adjudication of the Courts of Texas, and of the United States Supreme Court, prove my actual innocence. But there are some who prefer to presume guilt regardless of any contract between God and Humanity. And without regard to the contract between government for our Texas and The People of Texas. Some opposed to these contracts hide in positions of public trust. Some disguise their treason with loud proclamations of their dedication to Christianity and to the heritage of Texas and our United States. The Bible warns us of them.

I am not paid to defend the contract between God and Humanity, found in the Christian Bible. I am not paid, nor under any Oath of Honor imposing upon me a duty, to defend the contract between The government of Texas and The People of Texas, our Texas Constitution. But you are and so, too, are each and ever person who acts in your name though the Office of Texas Senator Lois Kolkhorst.

Mathew Russell, acting in your name and in your capacity as Senator, says you are not interested in performing the duty for which you have taken an Oath to honor. He says all who act in your name in the Office of Senator are not interested in performing the duty for which they are paid by The People of Texas to perform.



Today is my birthday. I am very fortunate to have lived to 64. Ever birthday reminds me of my 40th Birthday, and the Christmas that followed. I was in prison. I’d just been convicted of a crime that was a legal and factual impossibility. The business I’d built and my career destroyed. Like Jesus I had harmed no one. Jesus was 33 when he, like I, became victims of those who have no regard for their fellow humans. Rather, they take great pleasure in seeing their fellow humans suffer. They arrogantly presume they are, somehow, immune from becoming a victim of the same injustice they indirectly, if not directly, inflict on others who were created by the same God and in the same image as themselves. They escape guilt for their pleasure by creating absurd justifications for what they do. God forgive them for they know not what they do.

24 years ago Christmas was a very sad day for me. But now I have a deeper understanding of how important it is to recognize the birth of Jesus and, with it, the Birth of the presumption of Innocence as a God-given Right secured in our Texas and US Constitutions and even recognized in International Law as a fundamental, universal, Human Right. It gives me hope that someday, as promised in the Bible, all will have the same understanding. It gives me the strength to return again and again to our Texas Legislators with my Honor Quest.

Is what was communicated by Matthew Russell, your Communications Director, true? Is it true that you have no interest in honoring your Oath of Office and the Duty your Office has to The People of Texas? Are you truly opposed to Biblical Law, the Law of our Constitutions, and even Internationally recognized God-given Rights of the Human Individual? Because I presume your innocence, even if you will not presume mine, I am giving you an opportunity to correct the record.


With wishes for a Very Merry Christmas, with the Love of Jesus, our Christ, I AM



Ed Texan, created by God, not government. With God-given Rights our Texas Constitution was written to secure from godless traitors who hide in government. A Citizen.