Common Law / Stare Decisis

My journey has been an quest to secure compliance with the law from those employed by us in our government. A government known as THE STATE OF TEXAS. In our Courts, our Legislature, and our Offices of our Executive Division, I have encountered what I refer to as arrogant incompetence. These are people who are incompetent. In other words not qualified for their position. But they are too arrogant to recognize their incompetence and to incompetent to recognize their arrogance. It is very frustrating. But it has led to insight and the creation of new attempts to get through their arrogance to make them competent. Here is the most recent;


Stare Decisis that cannot be reversed

Have you heard of ‘common law’? Have you heard of ‘stare decisis’. Those who assume a position of public trust to make law on our behalf should understand these terms. Our Common Law begins with our Declaration of July 4, 1776. This is Law that is common to the People of this Land. It is Law that over rules all prior precedents, or ‘Stare Decisis’, that conflict with that Law.

The ‘Common Law’ of England was The Great Charter of Liberties first enacted in 1235. But later Kings of England did not want to comply with the Law. To circumvent the Law they appointed Judges who were willing to please the king by destroying the ‘Common Law’. They called their Judge-made Law ‘common law’ and decreed that is was ‘stare decisis’. That is latin for “it has been decided”. Then when the subjects of the King of England went into one of the King’s Courts to petition for enforcement of their God-given Rights secured in the Common Law of the Great Charter their petition would be denied on the premise that the King, and those who act in his name, could do no wrong. They were above the law. But rather than say it plainly and outright they would use language that would deceive the people. They would use latin to say the King had sovereign immunity. And they would say this was well established ‘common law’ that springs from ‘stare decisis’. Sometimes the victims of unlawful acts by the King or those who acted in the name of the King (government) could get justice by petition to Parliament (equivalent of our Legislature). But not always.

To address this injustice – this lack of Law to secure the Rights of The People – Americans abolished the ‘common law’ of England and replaced it with our own ‘common law’. It is known as our Declaration of Independence. It did not really create new ‘common law’ but re-established the ‘common law’ of England that had been recognized in the Great Charter of Liberties, aka The Magna Carta, over 500 years before our revolution.

Our American Common Law of July 4, 1776 was enacted by a unanimous vote of the People’s representatives and then ratified by a blood sacrifice of patriots. It did not create God’s Law but acknowledged it with these words;

“We hold these truths to be self-evident”

That means that a person does not need to prove this is God’s Law. It requires no proof. It cannot be ‘adjudicated’ or, in other words, debated and then ruled on by Humans siting in a position of Judge, Legislator, or in the Office of the Attorney General or the Comptroller, as “Law”. It is self-evident Law.

“endowed by their creator”

That means a persons Legal Rights do not spring from the Laws of Humans but from their creator. Law Makers / Legislators, Law Administrators / Judges, Law Enforcement / Prosecutors, – NONE of them are able to create a Human Being. The only power they have been delegated is the power to make law that protects a human being from government, or to administer law that protects human beings from government, or to enforce law that protects human beings from government. Government actors unrestrained by law are the greatest threat there is to the safety of individuals and to all of humanity / public safety.

“the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”

These are Laws that take precedent. These Laws are ‘stare decisis’. For example the Law that the world is round cannot be changed by Law-Makers (Legislators), Law-Administrators (Judges), Law-Enforcement (Executive actors). Human Made Law can recognize the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God in their law but Humans do not have the power to make laws of this nature. Humans do not have the power to reverse these precedents with a new ‘stare decisis’ by putting on a black robe with magical powers.

“inalienable”, “inherent”, “inviolate” = “RIGHTS”.

The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God cannot be changed by humans with the Laws of Humans. “RIGHTS” ARE NOT CREATED BY HUMAN LAWS! They can only be recognized and put in writing and codified as a means to provide them with security from the ignorant and the arrogant who do not want to comply with the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

The Right to Remedy for an unlawful imprisonment is not a Right that Texas Legislatures can take from us. It is not a Right that Texas Legislators can limit into non existence. It is a common law right that springs from the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. It is a Self-Evident Truth. It is inherent, inalienable, inviolate, and excepted from the powers of government.

Legislators can preserve, protect, and defend the Law or they can dishonor their Oath and fail to do their duty with their non-compliance. But the Law remains even if you choose to violate it. It won’t be enforced by me using the means typically associated with ‘law-enforcement’. But God will enforce the law in one way or another.

Below is a short video that reveals how common law & stare decisis is taught in law schools. It reveals the means by which our American / Texan common law is circumvented by replacing it with the ancient common law of England. And then this judge-made law is referred to as ‘precedent’ and ‘stare decisis’ that over rules and renders void the Law of our Constitutions.

Our Constitution is law made by THE PEOPLE as THE SOVEREIGN. Law creates immunity for us. Governments were not given a “divine right to rule”. The myth that Kings had such a divine right from God was replaced with the knowledge that every human individual has God-given Rights that Law must protect from Kings, from Government, and from those in act in the name of a King or a Government (aka “State”). Law Professors who teach otherwise are committing treason.