Legislature Must Help Trucking


It is a tuff budget cycle for the Trucking Industry. The industry is short 50,000 drivers. Trucking companies have had to increase what they pay drivers and gas prices are up. The result is an increase in the tax imposed on everyone who buys food, clothing, and other necessities. There is a very easy way for the legislature to save the tax payers this expense.

Anyone who has watched TV has seen the ads by Attorneys. Many citizens of Texas have their property damage or destroyed, their bodies injured with often permanent results, lost income from the time away from their job while imprisoned in a hospital or their home. Some have had their careers ruined because of their injuries and some have even lost their lives. When a truck driver crosses the center line and damage results the injured can go to a Texas Court and bring a lawsuit against them. Juries are sympathetic to their plight and provide them with Remedy that the Trucking Company must pay. Usually by means of insurance premiums that gets passed down to everyone who buys food, clothing, etc. It’s very similar to a sales tax.


An example of the solution is already in practice. We have a Constitution and other Laws. These laws are no different than the center line in the road. Driving the huge truck called the State of Texas are prosecutors. They sometimes cross the line to secure convictions of innocent Citizens. These innocent citizens were going about their business, driving inside the lanes, but suffer injuries and damages not unlike those who are hit by an 18 wheel truck that crossed the center line. Our Texas Legislature’s solution was to close the courts. Our Texas Constitution does not give our Legislature the power to do this. But that has not stopped them. Why? Because the Judicial Division, and the Executive Division as represented by the Attorney General, have went along with the scheme.

Equal Justice Under the Law is carved in large letters above the building in which our US Supreme Court sits. It is a foundational principle of the United States and of the State of Texas. It’s time for our Legislature to give equal justice to the Trucking business that it has given to those whose business is Government. Close the Courts so that the business will be saved the expense of insurance premiums. This will save the taxpayers what is, in effect, a sales tax on everything they buy because of the cost of the trucking that is factored in.


Constitutions reflect the will of The People of Texas. In a land where The People are the Sovereign the Statutory Law created by those they elect to the Legislature is inferior Law. It is overruled by the Law of the Constitution. I’ve read it but many I talk to in our government complain that our Texas Constitution is too long to read. But that should not keep anyone from reading the first page. Particularly when their position of employment requires they preserve, protect, and defend that Constitution. On the very first page you find the Texas Bill of Rights. A short list of Rights that are declared in our Constitution to be:

excepted from the powers of government, forever to remain inviolate”

It is clear to me that clause means that The People of Texas cannot be disenfranchised by any statutory law, or opinion from the judiciary, or ‘legal advice” by any elected Attorney General to Legislators he consider his “clients”. Not even if all three of these divisions choose to violate the separation of powers to do so. Section 13 of this short list, on page one of our Texas Constitution that is too long for Attorneys, Judges, Legislators and their staff to read, is also very explicit and, to my mind easy to understand. It says in words of common meaning that should be easy for People who know the predominant language of this Land to understand. Even Attorneys should be able to interpret the spirit and intent without necessity of argue or debate in the course of a lengthy process..

All courts shall be open, and every man for any injury done him in his lands, goods, person, or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law.”

As of this upcoming session it will have been 20 years since I first asked my government for my Texas for my Right to Remedy by due course of Law. The battle I’ve been forced to endure has been with Attorneys in our Executive Division of Government, working under the supervision of the Attorney General, and Attorneys in the Judicial Division as Judges in our Courts who have not bothered to read the first page of our Texas Constitution. Or, if they have, choose to disregard the Law of our Texas Constitution to deprive The People of Texas of their sovereignty. They say the Courts are closed to The People of Texas, of which I am one. Why? Because the artificial entity, the instrument we created, what constitutes government on our Land functioning under the name The State of Texas is the Sovereign. Not The People of Texas.

But they go even further than simply depriving us of our Sovereignty and the protection of the Law of our Constitution. They have decreed that government is ABOVE THE LAW. Therefore it cannot be taken to court. It has immunity. It has not only sovereignty but also sovereign immunity. Requiring Prosecutors, and others who drive this huge truck called government, to have proof of insurance for their license to practice law (drive) in our Courts (our roads) would cost too much. The cost would then be passed on. It might mean an increase in sales taxes just as the proof of insurance required of those who drive a truck with 18 wheels, in effect, results in a sales tax.

In the course of my 25 years of struggle for Liberty and Justice for All (I am one of the “All”) I’ve had a lot of interaction with Attorneys employed in all three divisions of our government and in private practice. I’ve had conversations with Attorneys employed as Judges in our Courts, in our Appellate Courts, and even in our Texas Supreme Court. Maybe I’m just not getting it. Maybe they are right with their presumption that The People of Texas are too stupid to be able to understand our Constitution. Conversely, maybe they were brainwashed in law school with a species of law that is foreign to this land. A species of law that dates back over 800 years to before the Magna Carta. A period known as the dark ages for the prevalence of ignorance among the populace.

Back then, as they are now saying, the Sovereign the Government. That’s not all. As it was then, Government again has the Divine Right of Kings. It, and all who act in it’s name, can do no wrong. Thus none of the subjects of the Monarch can be injured by either the Monarch or those who act in the name of the Monarch. The Courts do not belong to the subjects. They belong to the Monarch. And the Monarch has closed the courts to any subject that would petition in his courts for the redress of a grievance against the Monarch or the Nobles the comprise the government for the realm. The only difference is now they use the word State of Texas, meaning government, in place of the word King, or Queen, and those with Titles of Nobility who, in those days, were the kingdom and government.

We are no longer Citizens. We are now subjects. We might elect our Monarch and Nobles. But they then rule as they please. Our Texas Constitution? Too long to read. Statutory Laws? Just suggestions. Protection of the Law? Not on your life – literally. The Law is a technicality that should not hinder them from taking from you your freedom if they can manufacture any excuse for doing so. I know. I’m a victim. I spent time in a dungeon in Texas. My innocence later confirmed by the Texas Courts. Even the Magna Carta of over 800 years ago says I have a Right to Remedy from the Monarch!

I’ve already been told by some Legislators I’ve approached that it’s going to be a tough budget cycle. Like the Trucking business the business of government should not have to pay for my injuries. I’m again requesting that the Legislature pay the Legal Obligation imposed by that Legal document known as The Texas Constitution. Some of them are again looking to the Attorney General to tell them it is not a Legal Obligation regardless of what the Law of our Constitution might say. Their priority is to dole out $100 Billion to those who are have been elected or otherwise joined the infallible nobility by title of a position in government. First we must pay the Royal Ruling class.

I am Ed Heimlich. I am a Citizen of Texas. As a Citizen I have a Right to Remedy. I’m standing for all The People of Texas in opposition to those who, while they draw salaries and benefits from our tax dollars, seek to reduce us to subjects of a class of Royals. I have a Final Judgment for the Remedy due from the State of Texas for the injuries I suffered by those who were driving the State as prosecutors and one who was a Judge. They crossed the line of our Constitutions. I pray that in the upcoming session our Legislators will honor their oath of office and do their duty to pay this judgment debt. Our Texas Government was created for my benefit. Not for the benefit of those who choose to seek election or position in it by other means. What is due the Citizen must come before the $100 Billion they will appropriate to those whom we have elected or hired to be our public SERVANTS.

As a result of my experience I created the non-profit INFORMED CITIZENS. I’m looking for others who want to honor their pledge to Liberty and Justice for all, and to the Republic for which both our flags stand. Volunteer, donate, become a member of our Board of Directors. Go to informed.org for more info. I also have a documentary film project titled HONOR QUEST to follow me in the Texas Legislature. The project is in need of donations and investors. Go to honorquest.org for more info.