• It’s in ancient Law dating back over 800 years. The Magna Carta of England. From which our law finds it’s roots. Even further in the Bible, another source of our Law.
  • The same Law is stipulated in our Texas Constitution, 1836, as a Right that is excepted from the powers of government; forever to remain inviolate”.
  • And more recently it, in 1992, it was made International Law. In other words it was incorporated into our US Constitution as the supreme Law of the Land by a Law our United States submitted to the United Nations and ratified to recognize it as a basic, fundamental, universal, Human Right. 
  • It was supported in 2017 by the US Supreme Court in the case of Nelson v. Colorado.

The Law and the logic / reasoning that underpins the Law is simple:

  1. A government charges you with a crime and convicts you of it.
  2. The same government subsequently reverses the conviction.
  3. That government MUST compensate you for your injuries. It is a Human Right WORLDWIDE by international Treaty of which our United States has agreed to.

It is unlawful for our Government of Texas, aka ‘The State of Texas’, to deprive any person of this, their Right to Remedy, for their injuries from what has been established by the Criminal Courts of Texas as a unlawful conviction. Our Texas Constitution deprives the Civil Courts of Texas the power to put you on trial again when you exercise your right to suit for compensation. But those to whom we have entrusted the powers of government have a monopoly on force. A lone Citizen cannot force them to honor their Oath. Their compliance with the law is a matter of Honor. Will our Texas Legislators Honor their Oath and Honor the Law with their compliance? This movie will follow this man in his quest for their Honor.

Who Makes The Law

The only division of government to which we, the People of Texas, have delegated the power to make Law is the Legislature. But that power does not allow them to make laws that would eliminate those provisions of our Constitution that are “excepted from the powers of government; forever to remain inviolate”. Violating our Constitution and Laws is the opposite of preserving, protecting, and defending. It constitutes the destruction of our Constitution and renders our laws as nothing more than suggestions that any and all to whom we have entrusted the powers of government can violate with impunity. Turning a blind eye to violations by the other divisions of government, and choosing to join them in violating our Constitution and Laws, defeats the purpose for the division of government into three parts (a Republican Form) and deprives the people of their sovereignty (Democracy).


The Texas Constitution of March 17, 1836 was enacted just 5 days after our Organic Law. And it was enacted before the blood sacrifice came to an end with the Battle of San Jacinto. It begins with the Rights of the Individual, the Human Person, referred to then as simply “person” or “man”. The first line declares that these Rightsshall never be violated on any pretence whatever. The same is found in our present Texas Constitution but at the end of the list of Human Rights in these words: To guard against transgressions of the high powers herein delegated, we declare that everything in this Bill of Rights is excepted out of the general powers of government, and shall forever remain inviolate, and all laws contrary thereto shall be void”. (Sec. 29 of Art. 1 Texas Constitution)

Right to Remedy forever inviolate

The Organic Law for Texas, a Declaration of Rights, March 17, 1836, is found as Sec. 13 of Article 1 of our present day Texas Constitution in the exact same words.

“All courts shall be open, and every person for any injury done him in his lands, goods, person, or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law.”

It is clear to any reasonable, objective, honorable person that a memorandum opinion of an appellate court of Texas overturning a Final Judgment on grounds the court was closed (aka; “lack of subject-matter jurisdiction” / “No legislative authority” for suit) does not eliminate the legal obligation of the State to provide Remedy. The opinion is a legal nullity. If the opinion is deemed law that deprives me of remedy then it is void. It is not the use of a just power from the consent of the governed. It is not the exercise of a legitimate powers of government. It is unquestionably a transgression of the high powers delegated by our Texas Constitution. It is invalid and void. Our Texas Legislature is not bound by illegal acts of from any, nor even all, in the division known as the Judiciary. Their duty is to protect our Constitutional Rights FROM the Executive & Judicial Divisions. That is the very purpose for the separation of powers and the Oath of Office!