Lt Governor Dan Patrick

Letter to via Staffer assisting with his membership on the Budget Board

BACKGROUND: Our Lt Governor is Co-Chair of what is known as the LBB or Legislative Budget Board. This Board, Co-chaired by the LT Governor from the Senate and the Speaker from the House, along with their pick of  4 others from each of their respective chambers, are responsible for establishing a budget for submission to the body of Legislators for Texas for passage during the session. Our State has a bi-annual budget that exceeds $200 billion !!! That is more than the annual revenue of all but the top 10 the largest corporations on the planet! It is HUGE!

 The present Co-Chair, House Speaker Joe Straus, announced he is not running for re-election. As a result the input he, and the 4 he appointed from the house to the Board, have one the budget that will be decided in the first 4 months of the coming year is limited. The power of the input from our Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and the 4 Senators he appointed to the board, is enhanced. 

Our Lt Governor is entrusted with the most powerful of all positions in the division with exclusive control of our treasury.  Every bureaucrat on staff for the LBB will answer to what our Lt Governor says he wants in the budget. At the beginning of the session he will appoint a Senator to Chair Finance Committee and others to sit on that committee for the final review of the budget before it is presented to the full Senate for enactment into law. He will also appoint the Senator who will write the Appropriations Act known as an Act for the payment of miscellaneous claims and judgments. Thus he, more than any other, can determine if the Right to Remedy secured to every Texan, including me, is honored in the upcoming session. 

INSPIRATION AND IMPETUS: I went to one of the hearings of our Legislative Budget Board. None of the members of the Board were present but a few had a member of their staff in attendance. Standing in for our Lt. Governor was Joaquin Guadarrama. The letter that follows is a result of my conversation with him, and a prior conversation with his scheduler, 

This came to me while writing the letter and became what I choose to emphasis: 

FIRST SAFEGUARD of Rights from Executive Division government Actors =


 SECOND SAFEGUARD of Rights from Executive and Judicial Actors =


September 1, 2018

Dear Joaquin Guadarrama, Budget Analyst for Lt Governor Dan Patrick 

CC: Cylynda Caviness & Lt Governor Dan Patrick

“Whomever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant.”
Matthew 20:26 (NLT)

Again, thanks for the chat following the LBB hearing. You and our Lt Governor are on my mind in anticipation of the Faith, Family & Freedom forum where I hope to have some time with our Lt Governor. Allow me to share some thoughts about how our government is intended to work. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am always open to learning from the perspective of others.

As the staff member who assists our Lt. Governor in performing his duties, in regard to our budget, it is important that you understand and take into account my perspective in the performance of your duty. I will share this with our Lt Governor in an upcoming meeting if Cylynda makes the arraignment for an upcoming event.

I was raised a Catholic and my parents sacrificed to send me to a parochial school. From Teachers who were Nuns and the requirement of Mass every day before lunch I learned the values of my church. Texas Values and it’s Faith, Family & Freedom forum are part of the Right to Life movement. The premise for this movement, of which the Catholic Church is prominent, is the belief that Human Rights come not from man and their governments. Rather, they come from God. Thus man and government have no right to deprive their fellow humans of their God-given Right to Life.

We, the people of Texas, established law and government on this same premise. And those Rights are NOT limited to the unborn fetus or embryo. In addition to the Right to Life there are other Rights that God has vested in those who have been born. Rights that are just as inherent and inviolate as are the right of the unborn to life. They are essential to secure the Life of those already born from virtual, if not actual, death by government actors. Nothing we do, or that others say we did, can take from us or alienate from us that which God has given, that which is inherent, inviolate, and inalienable. Per our Texas Constitution; “excepted from the powers of government; forever to remain inviolate“.

Among these and, indeed, essential to the security of every Right is the Right to Remedy for wrongs committed by government. It includes the Right to Restitution for unlawful acts committed by government through the hands of those who act in its name. Private Property rights do not exist if government can take, damage, and destroy private property without compensation. It is obvious that includes property taken through an unjustified criminal process as well as for property taken through a civil process known as eminent domain.

We established the Law of our Constitution as the first safeguard of these rights.

To protect our Rights from government via those who act in its name our second safeguard is our Legislature. The Governor, Attorney General, and other Agencies are the government. Thus they represent the government. By contrast our Legislature represents the people.

FIRST SAFEGUARD of Rights from Executive Division government Actors =


SECOND SAFEGUARD of Rights from Executive and Judicial Actors =


We, the People of Texas, vested power of the purse and the power to make law exclusively with the Legislative Division of government for the purpose of safeguarding our Rights from the other two divisions of government.

We, the People of Texas, vested the power of the purse exclusively with our Legislature so that my Right to Remedy, secured by the Law of our Bill of Rights, would have priority over the desire of those employed in the Executive Division to have priority given to the salary they draw from the people’s treasury.

Carved in the stone wall of the Texas Archive’s building next to our Texas Capitol, as pictured on my website, are the words that state government is created for the benefit of the people. The intent is to have a government of the people (our Legislature), by the people (our Legislature) and for the people (through our Legislature). Those employed at public expense, without even conscience awareness of what they are doing, will act as if we have a government of government employees, (Bureaucrats) by government employees (Bureaucrats), and for government employees (Bureaucrats). That is why I am intervening now with our Legislative Budget Board in its hearings on the requests of the bureaucrats.

Our Lt Governor has more power than any other in our Legislative Division. His Division of government has the exclusive power to make law. That is, the power to say what constitutes a legal obligation of the State. His power is greater than that of the Judicial Division. His power safeguards our Constitutional Rights from the Judiciary. His Division of government has the exclusive power of the purse. His power safeguards our Right to Remedy for the property unlawfully taken, and other injuries, that people suffer when those in the executive division violate the law while acting in the name of the State.

There is one common denominator to every reversal of a criminal conviction by our courts. That is; the conviction was illegal. It was unlawful. It is a finding the State of Texas, through those who act in its name, acted in violation of our Constitutions and other Laws. An acquittal is a finding of innocence. As the US Supreme Court noted last April in the case of Nelson v. Colorado an acquittal is a finding of innocence. Our Constitutional Right to the presumption of Innocence is, as well, a Right to the presumption of Actual Innocence. A finding of innocence is a finding of Actual Innocence. To those who know and understand the courts prior rulings in criminal matters this understanding of actual innocence had already become settled Law.

As a person whose private property was taken, damage, and destroyed for a loss established as no less than $1,593,000 by Final Judgment of our Texas Courts, I have a Right to Remedy. As the entity responsible for this loss is the State of Texas, through those who acted in its name, I have a Right to Remedy from that entity. This, too, is by Final Judgment of our Texas Courts.

The Legislature has a duty to take from the State of Texas, also known as the Executive Division of government, what it would otherwise appropriate to it and appropriate it to providing Remedy to the People of Texas, of which I am one, for property it has unlawfully taken, damaged, and destroyed.

There is only one (1) duty imposed by our Constitution on our Lt. Governor, and by extension all who assist him with the duty of his Office. That is to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitutions and Laws from those in the Executive and Judicial Division of our government. That is the duty for which you receive $120,000 a year, plus benefits, from the people of Texas to perform. Our government was not established to as a charity for a select few who manage to get placed on the payroll. We, the People of Texas, expect service in exchange for what is paid from our treasury.

As I said in my prior email following our chat. I am not receiving any compensation for what I am doing. Nothing extra will be added to what is due me to compensate for my efforts to secure a Right that belongs to each and every Texan. I am doing it as a servant to my people, the people of Texas, and to my God. It is public service of the highest order because it is service without compensation or benefits from the public treasury. The people will benefit even if I fail.

It was not and it is not my desire to be a leader among my people. But God chose me as he did Jesus.

“O My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me”

Matthew 26:39 , Luke 22:42

And so I look to those who want to be our leader to be our servant.

“Whomever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant.”
Matthew 20:26 (NLT)

I look forward to your reply. Ed 

I AM a Servant of God, Human Person, Citizen of Texas, and of the United States