Dear Texas Legislators for the session that begins January 8th


It is a simple resolution but it will prove that our Elected Legislators, and our Legislators who are not elected but paid by us to perform the same duty imposed by our Texas Constitution, are honorable.

If allowed the Executive Division of our government will treat our Constitution, and the laws you make in pursuance thereof, as nothing more than suggestions. If allowed the Judicial Division of our government will, in exchange for political favor or due to a bias against the common citizen, collude with the Executive Division to deprive The People of Texas of the protection of the Law. Our God-given Rights our Texas Constitution intended to secure in our Bill of Rights will no longer be secured as “inviolate” and as “excepted from the powers of government”. Rather than “all laws to the contrary are void” if they deprive us of our God-given Rights secured in our Bill of Rights, the opposite will be the practice. Our Constitution, and all other laws, in effect void leaving us with nothing more than the pretense of a protection. Liberty on our land will have ceased to exist!




We, The People of Texas, gave the Legislative Division of our Government MORE power to ENFORCE the Law than we did to the Executive Division of Government.

The Executive Division cannot hire guns to enforce their interpretation of Law unless you give them the financial resources to do so. You CAN enforce our Constitution and YOUR laws. You do so by taking from the public treasury funds that you might otherwise appropriate to the Executive Division. You use those funds to provide Restitution and Remedy to the victims of unlawful acts committed by perpetrators whose crimes were committed while acting in the name of, and under the cover of, government for our Texas (aka; The State of Texas).

It may be a minor deterrent but better than no deterrent at all. This is how you “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and Laws of the United States and of this State”. The duty imposed upon you and staff by Sec. 1 of Art. 16 of our Texas Constitution.

We are told we have Rights that are “guaranteed” in our Texas and US Constitutions. A “guarantee” requires the guarantor to provide remedy if they do not get the service that was guaranteed. But the Executive Division says we must complain to the Judicial Division. The Judicial Division then says you cannot complain unless the Legislative Division gives you permission. In their choice of words they say you must give the Judicial Division “subject-matter jurisdiction” by means of a “waiver of sovereign immunity”.

Some have the absurd idea that if the Courthouse doors are locked then no one can say they were a victim or were injured. Some have the absurd idea that even if a Citizen manages to get into the Courts of Texas and the Courts of Texas confirm they were the victim of unlawful acts of the government and they suffered property loss as a result, the cure is simple. Close the Court. Say they never had permission to enter to make the claim. The violations of our Constitution, the violations of your laws, and all that was unlawfully taken from the victim of government crimes then magically disappears. You are smart enough to see through the illusion.

PLEASE help me help you enforce our Texas Constitution and your Laws. DO IT FOR YOURSELF and for those you care about. You may not ‘like’ me. But when you deprive me of the Protection of the Law you set a precedent that may come back to haunt you. The protection of the Law you take from one you take from all, including yourself. The Law won’t be there to protect you when one or more employed at public expenses chooses to use their position of public trust and power to go after you! Think it won’t happen to you? So, too, did our Ex-Governor Rick Perry and our current Attorney General Ken Paxton. You may not have liked them but LAW provided them with protection. Someday you, or someone you love, will need LAW for protection from those that don’t like you.

MAKE THE LAW THE LAW AGAIN by giving your priority NOT to new “suggestions” (statutory Law) that the Executive and Judicial Divisions can disregard with absolute impunity. Give priority to holding the Executive and Judicial Divisions accountable for actors within those division who used their positions of public trust to deprive your fellow Citizen of the protection of the Law. Take what you would appropriate to them and provide Justice to victims.

Their victims have a God-given Right to Remedy secured in our Texas Constitution. But you must honor that Right with enforcement.

THAT is how you “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and Laws of the United States and of this State” as you have taken an OATH to do and your Staff is PAID to do.