Memorial Day – 2018

This was sent to every Texas Legislature on Memorial Day 2018. I was named after my Father’s best friend. The same age from the same small town they were both drafted at the same time to fight in Korea. My Father came home. He was killed in action. In honor of his memory I carry is name. In honor of his sacrifice I carry on. 

All who have every enlisted in our armed forces have taken an Oath. They swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. THAT is what they sacrificed their life for. Not simply “our freedom”. 
Do we have a Constitution? Can it be said we have a Constitution if our domestic government, and those who act in it’s name, can violate the Constitution with impunity?
Can it be said that we have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people if those they elect are free to disregard what the Constitution requires of them? Does election to a position of public trust entitle them to use that position to wage a war against our Constitution under the cover that they are defending the government (also known as “The State of Texas”) from those who petition their government for a redress of their grievance? This ancient practice of a petition to the King or Parliament is known today as a lawsuit. But it requires a Court. Our Legislature has closed the Courts to The People of Texas.
The State of Texas, through those who were acting in it’s name as it’s hands and agents, violated our Constitution. They treated it as a suggestion rather than as the Supreme Law of the Land. They deprived me of the Rights we are told our Constitution guarantees. What guarantee is there if government deprives a citizen of Constitutional Rights and then claims sovereign immunity as an excuse to evade the expense of providing the Constitutional Right to Remedy for the injuries it caused? To deprive me, a Citizen of Texas, of Justice for it’s admitted deprivation of my Liberty?
It appears the domestic enemies of our Constitution, hiding in positions of public trust, have won. They have defeated the Constitution that all who served in our armed forces died to support and defend.
In honor of their memory I rededicated myself on this memorial day to do what I can to expose those enemies of our Constitution so that they will not have died in vain.  
The People of Texas have delegated the power to make Law EXCLUSIVELY to YOU, our Legislators. NOT the Attorney General, NOT the Judiciary. And YOU alone have the power of the purse.
Please read my Petition of Right and do what the Law requires of you. Preserve, protect, and defend our Constitutions with your compliance with what it demands of you. See it here or as attached.