Honest Ethical Legal Practices

Our Mission is to promote within our Legal System Honest and Ethical Practice by those to whom we have entrusted with the system. The Judges, the Lawyers, and the Court Personnel, and finally those with the duty to supervise, govern, and hold accountable, these public servants through their positions in our Executive and Legislative Divisions of government. Yes, lawyers are public servants even if not directly compensated as government employees. For most in private practice their income is derived from their privilege to serve as Court Officers. 

The belief that we have three equal divisions of government is a MYTH. A Myth that deprives us of the sovereignty a people are to have if we had, as our Constitution of Texas decrees, and our Constitution of our United States guarantees, a Republican Form of Government. In a Republican form of government the Legislative Division of the government of our State is the Division with the most power. With both the power to make law and the power of the purse the duty of those elected to the Legislative Division is to supervise, regulate, hold accountable, and firmly control what is done by those in the Executive and Judicial Divisions of government.
If we had, in practice rather than simply in name, a Republican Form of Government then we would see the Texas Legislature impeach and remove from office those employed as Judges and Justices for what can be called nothing less than treason.
Another myth responsible for our present situation is the myth that the Judiciary has the power to interpret the Law. WRONG. The duty of each and every Judge is to COMPLY with the Law. And by their compliance the Law will be ADMINISTERED. And in the course of the administration of the Law the people and Citizens of the Republic will be liberated and protected by the Equal Protection of the Law.

Liberty & Justice
cannot exist without H.E.L.P.

The Rule of Law
cannot exist without H.E.L.P.