The Law of our Land - or -
a Species of Law Foreign to this Land & Time

Are you familiar with the term ‘Organic Law’? You should be

Many are of the impression that Law on our Land begins with the Law of the Constitutions. It did not. Some are of the impression that Law on our Land begins with the Ancient Law of England referred to as ‘common law’. It did not. That law is a Law foreign to this jurisdiction and foreign to this time. It is the antithesis, the polar opposite, of our Law.

That Law was based on the foundational premise known as THE DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS. In that time the King was the Government and the King was above the law. So, too, where those he titled to act in his name. The King and the Titled Nobles were addressed as “LORD”. They were, in effect, God in the flesh and God on Earth. That is why today you will still see signs in America that Say Jesus is The Lord. This was the rejection of the Divine Right of Kings that began with the Protestant movement and culminated with the world revolution that began when France and The United States of America abolished the THE DIVINE RIGHTS OF KINGS and replaced it with THE RIGHTS OF MAN as the foundational premise for all law thereafter. Actually, it was a return to the Law that enabled the Republic of Rome to thrive. 

Our Organic Law for our Land known as the United States of America begins with the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, July 4, 1776. This document abolished the Law of England and all other Law of every other jurisdiction and every other time. It was passed by a unanimous vote of those duly authorized to represent WE THE PEOPLE of this Land. AND it was ratified with BLOOD. It meant enough to WE THE PEOPLE of this land, today composed of 50 territories referred to as States, and other territories, that they were willing to kill or be killed for it.

Our Organic Law for our Land known as Texas also begins with a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, March 2, 1836. It, too, was passed by unanimous vote of those duly authorized to represent THE PEOPLE OF TEXAS. It, too, was then ratified with BLOOD.

HOWEVER; Unlike the United States of America we, THE PEOPLE OF TEXAS, have additional organic law. The Declaration of Independence was made Law of the land we know as Texas on March 2, 1836. But the same representatives also passed by unanimous vote the DECLARATION OF RIGHTS on March 17, 1836, just 2 weeks later. It has, incorrectly, been referred to as our first Constitution. It was not because it did not “constitute’, as in ‘form’, a government. It only stipulated what the government that would be formed later could do, could NOT do, and MUST do, to secure the Rights of the People from government. 

WHY is our DECLARATION OF RIGHTS Organic law but the US Constitution and the Texas constitution are not? What makes our Constitutions, in effect, inferior law to our Organic Law? The answer is in the blood sacrifice of patriots. Our United States of America did not constitute a government until 1787. The American Revolution ended in 1783. The blood sacrifice had already passed. In Texas the blood sacrifice was still taking place. It would not end until the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836.

The People of Texas were not just fighting for the LAW established in their Declaration of Independence. They were fighting for the LAW established in their Declaration of Rights.

ALL Law for our people on our land known as TEXAS must be “interpreted” by looking FIRST to our ORGANIC LAW.  It unequivocally made THE PEOPLE OF TEXAS the sovereign on this land. Organic Law is Law that was established by a Blood Sacrifice. All who have fought for our Nation (our People of the US and of Texas) and made a blood sacrifice did so to preserve for posterity our Organic Law as the Foundation for all other Law on our Lands for our People. 

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