Political Repression – a common tool of

Political Repression – The most commonly used tool

Are you the victim of political repression? If not you directly; is the party you support? Are your political ideals being repressed by the actions of those opposed? Are you aware of the tool that has most commonly been used throughout history and today for political repression?

That tool is unlawful prosecution and unlawful imprisonment. To the general populace, to the people at large, to the nation it appears there is nothing amise. The subject or subjects of the targeted prosecution are perpetrators of some crime. The prosecutors are following procedures set by law and there is judicial oversight of their actions. To the outside world this was a very common practice in the Soviet Union and among its vassal States (countries). They were referred to as SHOW TRIALS. Inside the Soviet Union the people believe the accused were given Due Process of Law. Something we, too, pride ourselves on.

It was also used by the form of government that was of a form very similar to ours. It was utilized in Germany prior to World War II. The People of Germany also thought the accused were being given Due Process of Law. A ‘Fair’ Trial. After the war the Judges who participated in the show trials on behalf of the Nazi party were put on trial.

Is Michael Cohen Guilty? Is Paul Manafort guilty? Are any of the other associated with the campaign to elect Donald Trump guilty? Those who are opposed to the political ideas that Donald Trump represent, or that they believe he represents, will say yes. Those who do not may be inclined to say no. Or they may be inclined to say no.

The correct answer is I do not know. I do not know because I am not God. I do not know because I do not have access to all that the special counsel has access to and even if I did I do not have time to review it to make a determination.

I do know this. I know that I have been the victim of an unlawful prosecution and an unlawful imprisonment. I know that there was a political motive behind it. I know that it is for this reason that international law commands I have compensation. Judges and prosecutors were put on trial in Nuremberg at the end of World War II.

Because of the Kangaroo Courts in Nazi Germany and Show Trials in Communist States international Law ratified in 1992 decreed that if a person is convicted of a crime and that conviction is subsequently reversed they have a right to compensation. It has been deemed a basic, fundamental, universal right essential for the maintenance of human dignity. This same Right is in our Texas Constitution. It is the Right to Remedy. But our Texas Legislature has created statutory schemes to circumvent this Law of our Constitution so that the victims of unlawful imprisonment may be deprived of this God-given, inherent, Right that Law has been enacted to procted FROM such Legislators here or elsewhere in the world.

As for all those targeted by the Mueller investigation this much is obvious. They were targeted by a team of prosecutors affiliated with and well funded by the opposition party in congress for no other reason than their political affiliation. As for the integrity of the process that led to their plea bargains let me say I have my doubts. Because of my experience I am well positioned to judge that process. It is highly flawed and all should remember the Kangaroo Courts Nazi Germany and the Show Trials of the Soviet Union before giving credence to the outcome.