Rights before the Bill of Rights

If you will read our Constitution for our United States of America you will find that there were Rights secured therein BEFORE the Bill of Rights were added. What I find interesting about these Rights is that the amendments that added Rights after the initial Bill of Rights, comprised of the first ten amendments, were already secured by our US Constitution in Article 1, sections 9 & 10 ! This becomes clear after reading The Federalist Papers.
The Federalist Papers were written by the men who wrote our United States Constitution. As with the interpretation of anything said or written by another the first place to go is to the person that said or wrote it. The definition of “interpret” is to translate or, in other words, to understand what someone is communicating. So if you, and our Judges, want to properly interpret our US Constitution then read the Federalist Papers.
Paper # 44 by Madison and # 84 by Hamilton are the ones in which they discuss the Rights that were included in our Constitution for the United States BEFORE the Bill of Rights were added. 
So essential were these that the US Constitution imposes them upon the States, and all State Actors – Executive Officers, Legislators, Judges. But are ignored today without consequence!
But because these are in Article 1, Sec. 9 & 10, they get overlooked. As Hamilton feared the Bill of Rights has become viewed as the LIMITS of our Rights with the presumption that we, as Individuals, have no others.
Here are the rights that Sec. 9 & 10 attempted to secure but that are now, as my case revealed, routinely ignored by all. We the People are routinely deprived of these protections, as has been demonstrated in my case:
1 =  Prohibition against Bills of Attainder…. Or what is known today as the taking of private property by a “bill” passed by a legislative body’ ordering the government to “attain” the property. Today bills have been passed that allow the taking of private property without the requirements of the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution. The 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights restated, in different words, what was already in the Constitution as a prohibition against bills of attainder. Under the 4th amendment a warrant supported by probable cause is required.  In some cases called civil asset forfeiture your property gets a hearing. In a criminal asset seizure it doesn’t. It’s just gone even if you are later determined to have been innocent of the charged used as an excuse to seize your property. This may change now that the US Supreme Court addressed this in Nelson V. Colorado last year, on patriots day, April 19th.
2 = Prohibitions against Titles of Nobility…. or what today is known as absolute immunity for prosecutor and Judges, qualified immunity for policy officers, and sovereign immunity for the State (government). The STATE is now God or has the Divine Right of Kings that the Monarchs and those who acted as their prosecutors, etc, once did. It is the same philosophy of government on which the Soviet Union was based. Think you own your business? Only as long as the State, acting through Prosecutors, choose to allow.
3 = Prohibition against Ex Post Facto Laws: Here are Hamilton’s exact words from Federalist Paper #84:
The creation of crimes after the commission of the fact, or, in other words, the subjecting of men to punishment for things which, when they were done, were breaches of no law, and the practice of arbitrary imprisonments, have been, in all ages, the favorite and most formidable instruments of tyranny.
Again – My case is an example. I asked the bank to withhold payment on a check. A perfectly legal act. Obviously. If it was not legal the bank would not have done it. And that would have been the end of it. A Harris County prosecutor decided to make it, ex post facto, illegal to ask your bank to withhold payment on a check. It would then seem obvious it was the bank that had committed the crime. The prosecutor that asked the Judge for a warrant to then take what the bank had withheld, as well as the Judge that signed the warrant, had a duty to know this was an unreasonable seizure. Why? Because it was obvious the act on which it was predicated was (1) a LEGAL act (an action protected by law) and (2) it was the bank, and the person who owned the bank account (me) who had done the ‘act’ that the prosecutor asserted was an act of theft.
Did this stop the trial judge? No. To the contrary. He became more determined to assist the prosecutor at trial to secure a conviction. Why? To cover up for the unconstitutional and unlawful actions of the prosecutor and judge that had actually committed a theft by taking funds from the bank in which there was an account with my name on it with instructions to the bank to deduct that amount from my account.
Did the appellate court acknowledge this gross violation of our Constitution, both State and Federal, in the reversal of the conviction and my acquittal? Nope. Can Prosecutors make law? NO, only Congress and our State legislature. But they do it all the time in one way or another. My case is an example of those we trust to be prosecutors and judges making ex post facto law. The routine and well established violation of the prohibition against Titles of Nobility explains the how and why this happened in my case and in others, including the case against Rick Perry, our longest serving Governor. He exercised the obviously well know right of a Governor to veto a bill. A prosecutor decided to, ex post fact, make it illegal by calling it an act of official oppression.
4 = Prohibition against Laws impairing the Obligations of Contracts. Today this is known as the Sanctity of Contracts. Contracts, and their sanctity, is absolutely essential for free enterprise, for commerce. Under that Constitutional law the State can not interfere when there is a legal, binding, contract between the parties. This is particularly true when the parties are both, as in my case, licensed into a profession that requires courses in contracts and passing a test to prove you understand contract law! This did not stop the State of Texas, through a prosecutor, from aiding and abetting the breech of contract and theft of my property by a licensed real estate agent who contracted with me to be his sponsoring broker. They did so by charging me with theft. In the reversal of the conviction the Appellate Court noted that I was acting within the terms of the contract. He was not. I was the victim of a breech.
I secured a Final Judgment for an amount the court established as the value of my actual economic damages. Of course, not inclusive but what I could prove and what the Judge allowed. Nothing for the extraordinary emotional distress and mental anguish that had been inflicted. But those opposed to our Constitution and Laws hide in positions of public trust. From there they can wage war against our Constitutions and Laws, and the People of Texas, while at the same time they are drawing a salary from those they victimize! How convenient. They hide in the deep state in a division of the Office of the Attorney General known as ‘law enforcement defense’. From there they defend not the law, or it’s enforcement, but those who, like the prosecutor and judge in my case treat our laws with absolute and utter contempt. A total disregard for the god given rights our Constitutions and Laws were created to secure. A absolute disregard for life if that life is someone not employed at tax payer expense. They have successfully obstructed justice by preventing the payment of the Final Judgment. The elected Attorney Generals come and go but those who operate deep in the State stay, regardless of what they do. Judges and Legislators let them get away with things that would quickly result in sanctions by Judges and disbarment by the State bar if done by an attorney in private practice. I’m now with my third AG.
My criminal case started BEFORE John Cornyn was Attorney General. I made complaints to the AG then. But nothing. My civil case was filed and proceeded mostly under Cornyn. Continued under Abbott. Now under Paxton the deep state continues to act contrary to what Paxton says. Via various means deep state operatives have more power than the ones we elect to supervise and manage them.
I’ve got a FINAL JUDGMENT and it IS a legal obligation of the State of Texas for the theft of my property and the destruction of my business. I’ve started earlier than last session. I intend to collect the now $1,593,000 that will be due when the appropriations from the 2019 session are paid out. This will ultimately save the taxpayers as it will send a clear message to prosecutors in Texas that we expect them to honor, respect, and comply with the supreme Law of the Land. Specifically sec. 9 & 10 of Article 1 which are stated as well in Article 1 of our Texas Constitution as “excepted from the powers of government, forever to remain inviolate”.
This will save the taxpayers from the expense of frivolous lawsuits. Because they are lawsuits to prosecute criminal laws they are called ‘prosecutions’. But they are little different than civil lawsuits. The ‘trial attorneys’ are more unscrupulous and can get away with a lot more than the ‘trial attorneys’ in civil suits. Their thirst for blood is greater than a personal injury attorneys thirst for money. And the damage they inflict on the defendants are for worse than monetary loss. They result in loss of reputation, loss of freedom, and even loss of life.
That these rights deemed so essential for Liberty they were placed in Article 1 of our US Constitution, and by Sections 9 & 10 made applicable to ALL the States of the Union, as well as to the Federal Government, and can be found restated again in the Texas Constitution’s Bill of Rights as Article 1, as “excepted from the powers of government, forever to remain inviolate”, are so brazenly violated and treated with such deliberate disregard, reveals how far we have strayed. Our Liberty has been lost. Those who think otherwise are uninformed or simply refusing to accept the truth because of the discomfort that comes with it.