Sovereign Immunity

“Sovereign Immunity” is a phrase that all Americans & Texas-Americans need to become familiar with. At the end of this post I provide a link to what our Supreme Court of Texas has said about it.

The phrase has been used by Judges to place Government, and those who act in it’s name, above the law. It has been used to convert Public Servants into a Royal Nobel Class. Without realizing it WE THE PEOPLE have lost our sovereignty to this titled class. Our Status now is similar to that of the Peasants of Europe under the Monarchs that ruled for several hundred years.

This is starting to change. For many years now i’ve been passing out cards to Judges, Justices, other elected officials, and to the commoners as well. The card states simply “THE PEOPLE ARE THE SOVEREIGN” – NOT “The State of Texas”, and has some additional info on the back along with my website. The State of Texas is an artificial entity created by The Sovereign for the Land of Texas, The People, to serve and benefit The People of Texas, not those who by election or employment are part of what is known as The State of Texas.

It may be that some have started to take notice. Here is a link to what the Texas Supreme Court has said about it: SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY