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My Office in Houston
21 agents under my license

The business pictured and my career were destroyed by a

government that recognizes no boundaries in our Constitution or Laws.


Thinking of Starting a Business in Texas?     Thinking of Investing in Texas? 

Thinking of moving your Business to Texas?      Moving you & your family to Texas?


Before you do business in Texas – Read My Story – and know this: There is no Constitution or Law in Texas to protect you from government in Texas. Your property can be unlawfully taken at any time by those employed at public expense. You can be unlawfully arrested and imprisoned at any time by those employed at public expense. The Courts may even acknowledge you were a victim of crimes committed by those acting in the name of the government of Texas. But you will not get your property back and you will not get Remedy for your Injuries or Restitution from their employing entity. Other Criminals and Traitors who also hide under the cover of a position in government will brazenly violate the Law to obstruct justice. Honor Quest is asking the Texas Legislature to Remedy this. Will they honor their Oath and Duty of the Office they have been entrusted with? Only then will it be safe to live, invest, or start a business in Texas. 


You own a business. An employee steals a check payable to your business. What would you do? I did what the law permits. I asked my bank to withhold payment on a post-dated check he coerced me into giving him. In addition to the Law that unequivocally secures the right to make this request of your bank; My actions were also protected by State Law governing the relationship between me, as a Broker, and he as an Agent the law required I supervise. My actions were additionally protected by a contract that is standard for that business. It was a Broker – Agent contract still used today by thousands. Our US and Texas Constitution forbids prosecutors from using criminal law to interfere with legal contacts. I thought I had the equal protection of the Law – Constitutional, Statutory & Contract Law. Maybe elsewhere but not in Texas. Not at that time and, until the Texas Legislature proves otherwise, not now. 

I then learned that THERE IS NO CONSTITUTION OR OTHER LAW IN TEXAS. There was not then, in 1993, and there is none now. 

There is only the pretense of law. But there is UNLIMITED REGULATION of Private Business and Private Individuals.

This Story, well established in the Public Record, is indisputable proof. Don’t believe the propaganda that says otherwise!

Limited “regulation’ (laws) on the books is unlimited ‘regulation’ in practice if government actors are free to violate the law. 

Join me in my effort to restore the Law and thus restore Liberty and Justice to The People of Texas on the Land of Texas.

We have a GREAT Constitution for our Texas with a glorious history of a bloody fight in 1836 to established that Law as “excepted from the powers of government, forever to remain inviolate, to guard against transgressions of the high powers delegated”. But many of those we have entrusted with the powers of government violate our Law of our Texas Constitution, and other laws, with absolute impunity. Many others among them aid and abet in their transgressions and treason or obstruct justice with a cover-up. Their favorite tactic is to blame the victim. They charge you with a crime to cover theirs! When this does not work the government of Texas gives them, and itself, immunity. It closes the Courts!


Those employed at our expense as Prosecutors act in the name of our government for our Land of Texas. When they bring a lawsuit against you it is titled ‘The State of Texas’ (government) vs The People of the Texas, of which YOU are one. They hide or misrepresent the facts and pervert the Law to dupe the Jury into convicting you. One of these hands of the State, an agent for government on our Land, used the legal action I had taken as an excuse to steal my money from my bank account. He then sued me, in the name of the State of Texas, (a Prosecution) to aid and abet the Agent in his breech of contract and additional theft of my property. To cover his theft he charged me with theft. An Honorable Court of Appeals acknowledged I had not violated any law, said the prosecutors involved were ignorant of the law, reversed the conviction and ordered an acquittal (finding of actual innocence). The highest criminal court in Texas, the Court of Criminal Appeals, was presented with the case and found no error, no cause for review.Thus began my ordeal 25 years ago. An ordeal that has yet to come to an end.  The Law = Ancient Law,  The Law of our Constitutions, and International Law = ALL mandate compensation for my injuries. 

25 years ago the victim in this story was a very successful Real Estate Broker serving the public in Houston. But a few who act as our government, known as ‘The State of Texas’, brazenly violated the most sacred provisions of our Constitutions, both US and Texas. To cover up their criminal acts and treason they secured his wrongful imprisonment via additional violations of our Texas Constitutions, and the Laws made in pursuance thereof. On appeal he was acquitted (A Declaration of Actual Innocence) by the highest court in Texas with authority to render judgments on criminal cases. 


Thereafter this Citizen brought a civil suit against the government know as ‘The State’ and, in the face of intense opposition from traitors hiding in positions of public trust, he AGAIN secure judgments of Actual Innocence from both a State Civil District Court and on review by the Appellate Court of Texas. The Office of the Attorney General then gave up it’s ability to petition to the Texas Supreme Court, admitted (stipulated) to the Liability of the State (it’s Legal Obligation) and asked for a trial to determine damages. 


He proved to the satisfaction of the Tries of Fact in this State of Texas Civil Courts that his injuries, limited by statutory law to actual economic damages, were – at minimum –  $660,000. This was after the Judge, at the request of the Asst. Attorney General, arbitrarily cut $400,000 off of the uncontested appraisal of the value of his business. A taken from him by unlawful actions of the State, our government of Texas. But criminals and traitors hiding in the Office of the Attorney General refused to honor the Law. By various unlawful means they have obstructed justice to prevent the payment of the judgment debt. By the Law of our Texas Constitution it is a legal obligation of the State.

With post judgment interest the amount due in the upcoming legislative session is now over $1,593,000. All need to hear of this struggle for Liberty for ALL, and this struggle for Justice for ALL. Any of us could wind up the same situation one day. Let’s work to restore justice, not just for this Citizen, but for all Texans. Let’s work to restore Liberty, so that what happened to him will be less likely to happen to you or those you love.