3 official documents, 1 page each, establish The LEGAL OBLIGATION, & The AMOUNT Due,

$1,806,823.83 for Judgment & Interest to Sept. 1 2021


FINAL Judgment on criminal proceedings with MANDATE:

          THIS is when the ‘legal obligation’ of the State was established.      This established the Right to Remedy and Restitution. It left no question in the mind of any reasonable and objective person. Heimlich’s property had been unlawfully taken by the State and he had suffered additional injuries by unlawful, and unconstitutional, actions by the hands of the State.

           The unalienable Right to Restitution and Remedy is secured in Sec. 13 of our Texas Bill of Rights as a Right that Sec. 29 decrees is “inviolate” and “excepted from the powers of government” and mandates that “all laws to the contrary are void”. Therefore no later amendment to our Constitution can be perverted to give an appearance of legitimacy to violating this Right. Furthermore, no interpretation of a later Statutory law, nor manipulation of legal procedure can, under the Constitutional Law of Texas, legitimize violating this Right. It has been decreed FOREVER inviolate. The only remaining question was the amount due to satisfy the obligation for Remedy.


Appellate Review of his claim for Restitution and Remedy, followed by a MANDATE.

The question of ‘jurisdiction’ of the Court. Or what is known as a ‘plea to the jurisdiction’ in the trial court. AND the identical question, referred to as ‘subject-matter jurisdiction’ is adjudicated to FINAL conclusion. It is Res Judicata. It is Law of the Case. It was the Attorney General that then stipulated to liability and ask for Trial to determine Damages!


FINAL JUDGMENT on CIVIL proceeding: Amount due established.

CASE CLOSED. Now an Honorable Legislature will make the appropriation required for payment.

But it is 2020 and this Citizen has not yet been paid. Why? Because some hiding in positions of public trust opposed to our Constitutions and Laws. To defeat the Law they have used their position of public trust to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE.HONORABLE Legislators, both elected and hired, will step up. Their Oath and duty requires they preserve, protect, and defend our Texas Constitution and Law made in pursuance thereof. This is a situation that demands they do so.  

Here are links to findings of our Judicial Division proving Heimlich’s claim.

  • The Mandate of 1999, that followed a Final Judgment on the question actual innocence. That is; pursuant to our Texas Constitution and Law of our Texas Legislature.
  • The Final Judgment supporting claim the government (‘The State’) has a debt of $660,606 plus interest to me.
  • The Opinion of the Court of Appeals that preceeded the Mandate proving permission to sue state, waiver of sovereign immunity, on grounds of a finding of actual innocence.
  • The Mandate that preceded the Final Judgment, making it truly final (not subject to appeallate review)

We, the People of Texas, as the Sovereign on our Land of Texas, have through our Constitution delegated to Our Legislative Division of Government the exclusive;

  • Power to Make Laws, and
  • Power of the purse. That is, to Appropriate the public treasury.

Therefore our Legislative Division can take Petitions for Redress of a Grievance and, in response, pay any claim by any person for any reason it chooses.  Advice and/or Consent of the Executive Division (the Attorney General, et al) or the Judicial Division (the Courts) is not required pursuant to our Texas Constitution, nor is any statutory law required. 

The Office of the Attorney General has no veto power over appropriations made by our legislature. Incredibly; there are some serving in our Legislature who do not know these fundamentals of a republican form of government.