Texas Supreme Court – Justice Blacklock

This is a letter to Texas Supreme Court Justice Jimmy Blacklock following a luncheon where he gave a speech. At the lunch I sat next to a Justice on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and had a great conversation with him as well.

Dear Justice Blacklock, 
It was so very nice to see you again today. 

Your speech was excellent.  Maybe you will send me a copy of the text of it?

Wish I’d recorded all of it. I didn’t know it would be so brilliant. 

Thanks also for the chat after your speech. 

I’m well aware of the very long history of the so called ‘common law’ doctrine of ‘sovereign immunity’, aka goverment immunity, absent a waiver from the King, and then later, the Parliament, Congress or Legislature. 

It is a long history of dishonorable Judges who feared losing their appointment to the bench, or appointment to a higher bench, by the King or by what today is known as the ‘Deep State’ (government actors both elected and hired in all three branches). 

Insterspersed with a long history of people rising up to overthrow the King and his, or the Legislature’s Deep State operatives (government) after it has been completely corrupted to serve the opposite of it’s purpose for being. 

Governments are established by The People to SERVE THE PEOPLE. 

But over time both governments and corporations will eventually become corrupted by those within these artificial entites who pervert the Constitutions / Charters by which they were created to serve not the creators, but only those within the entity, at the expense of the creators and all it then touches. 

We now have a Government, at every level, Federal, State, and Local, that is:
Government controled by Government employees to exist for the benefit of government employees. 

We exist to provide them with comfortable jobs with high wages, shorter hours, days off, benefits, and a pension, along with an almost entire lack of accountability for performance, that is unattainable to any in the private sector of the economy but for an extremely small minority.

Many within government prefer to deny the reality of it. They delude themselves to ease their consciense while, at the same time, sacrificing the public good for the advancement of their government career over, and over, and over, again. Without any regard for their Oath of Office or duty to the public that pays for their salaries and benefits.

Many never question the indoctrination of law schools that teach sovereign immunity / government immunity / official immunity / qualified official immunity, etc, ignoring the very long history of it’s creation, death, recreation, death, recreation, and death, along with the ramifications and suffering that goes with the cycle. 

And so governments or corporations wither or die and the cycle repeats. 
It can take a long time for the effects to set in. Things can appear, on the outside, to be very good and getting better. The concer is well hidden while it continues to grow. 

But eventually the decline begins and the decline can then continue for a long time before the people once again break free to restore a State where the King, and those who act in the name of the King, serve the people the people as if each of them had rights, privileges, and immunities equal to that of the King. 

“WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF EVIDENT THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATE EQUAL” The intent of the statement referred to the equal rights and status of those in government to those not in government. 

That is one of the reasons the illegal practice of human slavery was tolerated and continued dispite the law established by unanimous vote of the representatives of the people and ratified with a blood sacrifce that decreded the opposite !!! 

The King of England lost his “sovereign immunity” in 1235 with the Magna Carta. The English Civil War and our War of Independence were a result of Judges appointed by the King giving it back to him. To their creation of “common law” that exempted the King, and those he titled as Nobles, from the Rule of Law. 

See the Prohibition of Titles of Nobility in our US Constitution – Art. 1, Sec. 9 & 10 – before our Bill of Rights amendments were added !!!

For understanding read The Federalist Papers, # 84, by Alexander Hamilton. 

The benefit we, The People of Texas, recieve from our government continues to be decreased and the harm caused by government by the lawless acts of those who act in it’s name. While, at the same time, the costs in taxes continues to increase. 

I can remember when Texas had a 3% sales tax, free tuition for the first two years of college, no congestion on the streets and highways, and no one complained about their property taxes. 

But that was 45 years ago when I first came to Texas at the age of 19. 

I pray that, somehow, maybe with the further development of existing technology, we may be able to reverse the loss of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. 
Wishing you the very best

Sincerely, Ed, I AM, a servant of God, Citizen of Texas and our US, Republican