The Power of the Public Purse

I’ve been working full time this session educating our Texas Legislators, both those elected and those hired. This is what I’ve been sharing with them and asking of them:

TEXAS LEGISLATORS; You have the power to enforce the Law. It is in the power of the purse. You simply take a teeny tiny portion of what ‘The State of Texas’ wants you to give them from OUR Treasury – ‘The Public Treasury’ – and refuse to transfer it into ‘The State Treasury.’ Use that to provide Remedy and Restitution to the victims of unlawful acts committed by the hands of the State acting in the name of the State. It costs ‘The People’ and their ‘Public Treasury’ NOTHING!

Before you surrender control of our public treasury you have a duty to collect from that entity what is due to The People of Texas it has harmed by depriving them of Rights secured in the Law of our Constitution and violating your Laws.

Legislators – Both Elected and Hired into my Legislative Division of my Government for our Texas. The elected have taken an Oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Law. The Hired are paid to do the same. Will you?

Elected Legislators –  Your Oath and Duty requires your voluntary compliance with the Law. That is why you are addressed as “The Honorable….”.

Will You comply with what the Law requires of you?

Hired Legislators – you have asked for and been granted a position of public trust. The public is trusting that in return for what you are receiving from our public treasury, you will voluntarily do the duty for which you are paid.

Will You comply with what the Law requires of you?

Law is not destroyed, nor Liberty lost, by a lack of forceful enforcement of the Law, 

but by a lack of compliance with the Law.

Law is preserved, protected, and defended when those in our government comply

 with the law and demand others in positions of public trust do the same.

You, our Legislators, alone have the power to demand compliance. That power is in the public treasury the Executive and Judicial divisions now want a part of. Use the power for the purpose for which it was entrusted to you by the public.

Hold them accountable to the Law!

The idea that a government should be free to unlawfully imprison people without even the minimal deterrence of Restitution for their lost property and Remedy for their injuries is abhorrent.

  • The idea is repugnant to a free people.
  • It is unacceptable to the descendants of those who valued Liberty more than Life.
  • It defeats the very purpose for the creation of Constitutional Law, and other Laws made in pursuance of the primary objective of Constitutional Law.

It cost the public treasury NOTHING to provide Restitution and Remedy to victims of unethical and illegal acts committed by those in the Executive and Judicial Divisions. You simply take some of the over 100 Billion you will appropriate into the State Treasury and give a minute portion to their victims.

The Right to Remedy for an Unlawful Imprisonment;

  • Is NOT a Right that any, even Legislators, can legally choose to grant or deny.
  • Is NOT a Right that ANY have been delegated power to create or destroy.
  • It is NOT Right that ANY can lawfully or ethically limit into non-existence.

It is a RIGHT that springs from THE LAWS OF NATURE AND NATURE’S GOD, not from Humans. This recognition is evident by the establishment of security for this Right in Human Made Law. It is found in;

  • The Law of our Texas Constitution.
  • The Law of our United States Constitution,
  • In International Law as a Universal Human Right
  • And even in the Ancient Law considered the Root of our Law & Liberty, the Great Charter of Liberties, the Magna Carta, over 800 years ago.
  • Among even more ancient legal and religious texts.

Legislators can preserve, protect, and defend the Law or they can dishonor their Oath with their non-compliance with what the Law requires of them. But the Right and the Law created to secure that Right remains even if you choose to violate it.

The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God demand you collect the Restitution and Remedy that is due people government was created to benefit.

It is of no benefit to The People of Texas to have a government free to unlawfully imprison them.

LEGISLATORS; You have the power to enforce the Law. It is in the power of the purse. You simply take a teeny tiny portion of what The State of Texas wants you to give them from The Public Treasury and refuse to transfer it into the State Treasury. You collect from what they want what is due to their victims.

If those in the Executive and Judicial Divisions of our government don’t like it then they can do like the rest of us. They can begin to COMPLY WITH THE LAW and do what they can to insure others in those divisions comply as well. They can also purchase insurance to cover their loss resulting from the errors, omissions, and acts in violation of our Rights and Laws that cause harm to The People of Texas. It defeats the purpose for the existence of Law when government is above the law. The protective value of Law is lost when government no longer complies.