Why we celebrate Christ-mas

The Birth of Innocence and the Restoration of The Law



  • The Presumption of Innocence, a Right secured in Law, was born with Jesus.
  • No Human Right is secure without the Foundation Right of a Presumption of Innocence.

  • Constitutions, and other Laws, are reduced to suggestions offering no protection if governments and “peers” are free to disregard the presumption of innocence. The Protection of the Law lost. The Rights of the Individual no longer secure.

  • Individual Liberties, Civil Liberties, The Rule of Law, Liberty, Justice – all are lost when even those who have been adjudicated and acquitted, ie; declared innocent, are presumed guilty.

  • Asking someone to prove their Actual Innocence, after they prove their Innocence beyond a reasonable doubt, is imposing inherent guilt on all humans. A presumption of guilt at the conception of their life that cannot be overcome.